GeoIN's new support for "Apeiron"


November 30, 2023

New support for "Apeiron" GeoINOVA

"Initiators of innovation and change in the domestic and foreign economic environment will become experts - educated and well-trained young people, and GeoINOVA believes that investing in youth education brings long-term benefits for society. This is the reason for our accession to the Pan-European University and its mission as a future partner, said Tijana Savović, sales director of the GeoINOVA company, at the meeting held yesterday with the dean of the "Apeiron" University's Faculty of Transportation, Prof. Dr. Danislav Drašković.

The meeting was also attended by Borislav Guzijan, MGR for Licensing and Support, GeoINOVA.

Savović stressed that GeoINOVA will support "Apeiron", its students and teaching staff on many levels, in terms of enabling practical teaching in their company, organizing workshops, professional lectures and hackathons.
"Engagement in the field of education is a key component in achieving sustainable development and creating conditions for the success of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the global stage. We want to support the university as a partner whenever the opportunity arises, and considering the numerous events, conferences, publishing activities, professional education and generally all the activities of the Pan-European University, we will have many of them", added Savović.

GeoINOVA doo (Banjaluka) together with INOVA geoinformatika doo (Belgrade) has been a regional leader in the development and implementation of CAD/GIS solutions in the field of telecommunications, road infrastructure, electrical networks, spatial planning, urban planning, geodesy and other related fields for 20 years. GeoINOVA is the only Autodesk Product Specific Reseller in this part of Europe, the only certified Autodesk Training Center with certified lecturers and Autodesk Learning Partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as an Autodesk Reseller in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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