The handshake and hug of our guests showed how they were welcomed at the Pan-European University

The inclusive festival at "Apeiron" brought together youth from 7 cities with a game

The Special Olympics BiH, "Apeiron" University and the City of Banja Luka, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), today hosted the "Inclusive Fusion Fiesta" Festival and gathered participants from seven cities of the Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the sports games. Inclusive teams from Banja Luka, Tuzla, Bijeljina, East Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosanski Petrovac and Brčko played basketball 3X3, table tennis and participated in football training on the plateau of "Apeiron" University, and a health program was also organized. This project, financed by the Embassy of Italy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, places inclusion through sport as a key tool for bringing young people together and getting to know different cultures.

Guests and all participants were greeted and wished good luck by Milada Šukalo, advisor to the mayor of the City of Banja Luka, prof. Dr. Sanel Jakupović, rector of the Pan-European University "Apeiron", Samid Šarenkapić, in front of the United Nations Population Fund and prof. Dr. Kada Delić Selimović, director of the Special Olympics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

First place in the competitive part of the festival - basketball was won by the association "Hrabro Srce" from Tuzla. The second place went to the East Sarajevo team - Pale Association, and the third place was won by the Sports Association of Underdeveloped Persons of Republika Srpska.

The goal of the festival is to promote social cohesion, reduce prejudices and encourage intercultural dialogue among young people from various parts of our country. "The goal is for all voices to be heard, because inclusion is lived," emphasized Prof. dr Kada Delić Selimović, director of the organization thanks to which the whole project came to life - the Special Olympics of BiH.

Teachers and students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences and other faculties of "Apeiron" University, as well as students of SŠC "Gemit-Apeiron" participated in the very organization of this sports spectacle and with their involvement tried to provide a warm and homely atmosphere to all participants. A handshake and a hug from our guests at the end, they said that they succeeded in that.

Banja Luka, October 26, 2023

Public Relations Department

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