Minister Nedeljko Čubrilović solemnly opened the international scientific conference of "Apeiron" University SAFE-URBAN-MOBILE


Minister Nedeljko Čubrilović solemnly opened the international scientific conference of "Apeiron" University SAFE-URBAN-MOBILE

"I've been to similar conferences, but none of them covered both traffic safety and sustainable urban mobility like this one today. It is precisely at this gathering that there are current social topics that need to be dealt with, because goals were set in earlier strategic documents that were not fully achieved. That's why we need a conference like this to provide answers to the directions of future action", with these words today the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republika Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović solemnly opened the first international scientific conference SAFE-URBAN-MOBILE. The organizers of the scientific meeting are the Faculty of Traffic of the Pan-European University and the company EiB Internationale - center for motor vehicles.

All participants were greeted by the mayor of Banja Luka, Draško Stanivuković, who was a guest of the conference together with his deputy, Milada Šukalo. In her address to the gathering, Šukalo stressed that the city recognized the importance of urban mobility and launched several important projects in that direction, the benefits of which the citizens are already feeling. "This conference was launched at a time when almost all European countries are facing a problem in achieving goals related to reducing traffic accidents, as well as general problems in all major cities in solving traffic jams. Until now, we have been dealing with the adoption of important documents in the field of traffic strategy and solving pressing infrastructural problems, and what was missing was a scientific conference like this, which filled the gap", emphasized the deputy mayor.

The rector of the Pan-European University, prof. Sanel Jakupović, Ph.D., as well as the President of the Program Committee of the conference and the Dean of the Faculty of Transportation, prof. Dr. Danislav Drašković.

"We gathered over 100 participants from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, USA, Turkey, Great Britain, Bulgaria, South Africa, China, the Czech Republic and from our country. There are experts from the academic community, scientific research institutions and business, and they all have the same goal - improving traffic safety, sustainable urban mobility and the quality of life in the city in accordance with European strategic documents," said Dean Drašković in his speech and added that 34 papers will be presented in the next two days.

There were many guests and participants of the meeting, which from a scientific point of view brought new views on important but also interesting topics: sustainable urban mobility, electromobility, traffic infrastructure planning, quality of life in the city, prevention in traffic safety, insurance fraud, expertise in the causes of traffic accidents accidents and many others.

Prof. Dr. Radovan Višković, President of the Government of Republika Srpska, participated in the conference with two submitted papers from the thematic area.

June 20. in 2024

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