Faculty of Business Economics

Doctoral program "Economics-business management in logistics"

General conditions for enrollment in doctoral studies of the third cycle

Access to doctoral studies of the third cycle

  • Completed diploma/master academic studies with at least 300 ECTS credits;
  • Completed postgraduate-master's studies with the acquired academic title of Master of Science according to previously valid legal regulations;
  • A master of science can be awarded ECTS points based on the exams they passed during the master's study, as well as points based on the scientific research work performed within the master's study and on the basis of the defended final master's thesis. On this basis, masters of science can immediately enroll in the second or third year of doctoral studies, depending on the number of recognized ECTS credits.
  • Obtained higher education according to the previously valid legal regulations for a duration of at least 10 (ten) semesters, which corresponds to the volume of 300 ECTS points;
  • Completed specialist studies according to the regulations that were valid until the entry into force of the Law on Higher Education, with the obligation to master the differential program, so that the estimated volume of previous schooling and the differential program amounts to 300 ECTS; Average grade at all levels of previous academic education of at least 8,00;
  • Knowledge of at least one foreign language;
  • Fulfillment of other conditions, depending on the degree of congruence of the native scientific field of previous studies that the candidate has completed, which is determined by the Study Program Evaluation Committee

In addition to the general requirements, candidates from non-matric faculties must also meet the special requirements defined by the Regulations on studying at doctoral studies of the third cycle.

In the academic year 2017/18. year, for the first year of study the following are enrolled: Faculty of Information Technologies (study program: Information Systems in Communications and Logistics): 7 students, Faculty of Business Economics (study program: "Economy" - Study module: "Business Management in Logistics"): 10 students.

Candidates for doctoral studies can transfer from study programs of the third cycle enrolled at other higher education institutions with the transfer of appropriate ECTS points in accordance with the assessment of the compatibility of the home scientific field of the doctoral studies enrolled at other higher education institutions.

Compulsory subjects: Qualitative and quantitative research methods, operational research

Electives: Modern methods of marketing research and modeling, Trends in production and service management, Strategic and corporate management in entrepreneurship, Management of European integration processes, Human resource management and organizational behavior, Ethical and social aspects of business management, Financial markets, instruments and institutions, Logistics of modern business systems , Supply Chain Management, Global Logistics and International Standards, Information Systems and Computer Technologies in Logistics, Project Management in Logistics, Cost Management in Logistics, Accounting and Business Systems Audit, Business Finance and International Financial Management, International Business Law, International Banking, International business, trade and insurance, logistics and sustainable development, corporate and investment banking.