The Pan-European University founded the Innovation Center in December 2023. The Innovation Center operates as part of the Business Incubation Center of the Pan-European University as a separate organizational unit, under the name Innovation Center "APEIRON" Banja Luka. Prof. was appointed as the first manager of the innovation center. Dr. Negovan Stamenković.

The basic vision of the Innovation Center is to become a key platform for encouraging and supporting innovative individuals, students of the Pan-European University who want to realize their innovations in an efficient and effective way at the parent institution where they study and to encourage students to actively participate in scientific research work, as well as in undertaking more active roles in the research, scientific research and teaching-educational process. Through activities in this center, students are encouraged to produce professional works and innovations, which are further presented at conferences and fairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond, with material-technical, professional and financial support from the University.

Students of the Faculty of Information Technologies of "Apeiron" University Daniel Menićanin, Jelena Radanović, Nikola Račić and Zoran Glamočak won the special award "Dr. Branislava Peruničić" for the best rated student work at the Sarajevo Innovations Festival on October 28, 2023.

Within the innovation center, a large number of professional informal educations in specific fields are realized, which are extremely attractive and recognized on the labor market, and upon completion of these trainings, students obtain appropriate certificates. As a rule, educators are employed professors of the Pan-European University.

Student section

On the initiative of the students of the Faculty of Information Technologies, the Pan-European University founded the student section of the Innovation Center in December 2023, within which the programming, robotics, IoT and microelectronics sections were launched.

The students' proposal was to establish a student section, where programming logic will be learned, which will later be implemented in different programming languages ​​for the purpose of realizing specific projects. Through the activity of the student section of the Innovation Center of the Pan-European University, students are able to learn directly from their older colleagues. This work model encourages interactivity and mutual support between students, creating a dynamic environment for acquiring new knowledge.

In this section, students learn:

Students at the Sarajevo Innovations Festival, October 28, 2023

Daniel Menićanin and his team of students were awarded gold medals and a trophy for their project at the seventh scientific and professional conference on the importance of the development of technique, technology, innovation, innovation and information technology and the second "INN&TECH" Innovation and Innovation Fair, held on January 23, 2024 in the organization of the Center for the Development and Promotion of Innovation, Technology and Information Technologies - CRPIT Sarajevo

The head of the student section of the Innovation Center is student Daniel Menićanin, with the support of students Jelena Radanović and Nikola Račić. The aforementioned students have created and implemented a large number of projects in their work so far. These students crowned their innovation work by winning the special award "Dr. Branislava Peruničić" at the Sarajevo Innovations Festival in 2023.

Pan-European University Innovation Center. Students in the section of programming, robotics, IoT and microelectronics