Experts from Great Britain, Italy and neighboring countries, participants of the conference of the University "Apeiron"

On Friday, the international scientific conference "EDASOL 2022"

The international scientific conference on economic development and living standards "EDASOL 2022" organized by the Pan-European University, will be held for the twelfth year in a row on December 16 at 10 a.m.

  • The primary goal of this conference is to bring together international experts from the academic community, scientific research institutions and business who are relevant to the wider field of economy and development in the context of the current economic situation with an emphasis on the countries of the Western Balkans. The conference will also provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and results between science and business, emphasized Prof. Dr. Sanel Jakupović, president of the organizing committee of the Conference. He added that all presented works will be forwarded to editorial boards for review and those that meet the criteria will be published in the scientific journal "EMC REVIEW" which is indexed in the ESCI (WoS) database.

The introductory paper on the topic "Evaluation of the digital maturity of small and medium-sized enterprises in Slovenia" will be presented by prof. Dr. Mirjana Kljajić Borštnar, full professor at the Information Systems subject at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor. Prof. Mirjana focused her research on decision support systems, data mining, organizational learning and digitization.

The second keynote speaker of the "EDASOL 2022" conference is prof. PhD Dragana Radičić, associate professor at Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln and will hold lectures on "Innovation, digitalisation and reindustrialisation - opportunities for the Balkan countries".

Dr. Marko Ćirović, assistant professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of the University of Belgrade at the Department of Management, Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development will speak about the adoption of ecological communications and sustainable consumer behavior - "Neuro CSR".

Papers will be presented by domestic and scientific experts from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Montenegro, Macedonia.

The organizer is the Faculty of Business Economics of the Pan-European University.

The Meeting ID for attending the conference can be found at

December 12, 2022

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