The new rector2

The new rector, the previous vice-rector

Sanel Jakupović – rector in the mandate period from 2021 to 2025

Banja Luka, 10.09.2021

At the 176th session of the Senate, prof. was elected as the new rector of the Pan-European University "APEIRON". Dr. Sanel Jakupović, Dean of the Faculty of Business Economics and Vice-Rector for Scientific Work and International Cooperation. The previous rector, academician prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović served as rector in the period 2018-2021, and will retire on September 30. As a full professor in the academic year 2021/22. year, on the proposal of the teaching-scientific council of the Faculty of Information Technologies, he was engaged in teaching by decision of the Senate. Professor Jakupović thanked his predecessor, academician Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž.Avramović, for his contribution to the results achieved in the previous term and emphasized that he is convinced that the two-decade growth of the University will continue in the future.

The new rector, prof. Dr. Sanel Jakupović was born in 1975 in Prijedor. He is a Doctor of Economic Sciences and a regular university professor, and he has been employed at the Pan-European University "APEIRON" Banja Luka since 2010. Jakupović performed various duties at the University. He was vice-rector for scientific work and international cooperation, and in the period from 2013 to 2021, dean of the Faculty of Business Economics. Two years before that, he was vice dean of the same faculty. He was appointed director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Pan-European University in 2016, and he still holds that position today.

"The key goals in the next mandate are to meet the educational needs of our students, for inclusion in the development of the wider academic and social community and the labor market in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the international environment, according to the contemporary challenges of today and future perspectives. This will require exceptional commitment from the academic and working staff of the Pan-European University and the continuous improvement of the quality of educational activity, research, scientific work, as well as international cooperation", emphasized the new rector of the Pan-European University "APEIRON" Prof. Dr. Sanel Jakupović.

Prof. Dr. Sanel Jakupović is the fifth rector of the Pan-European University "APEIRON" Banja Luka. His predecessors were: academician prof. Dr. Dragan Danelišen, prof. Dr. Risto Kozomara, academician prof. Dr. Esad Jakupović and Academician Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović.

You can download the biography of the new rector here

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