Indiana Pejic

Wondering where the Pan-European University degree is recognized?

Indiana Pejić received her doctorate in Moscow, at the Russian University of the People's Republic, majoring in History of International Relations. At the same University, she completed 3 master's degrees at the Department of International Relations, the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Psychology, all under the auspices of scholarships from the Russian Government.

She took her first academic steps and the basis of everything she will build on at the "Apeiron" University. Indiana completed four-year undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Legal Sciences and the Faculty of Philological Sciences - Russian Language. It was as a student at the Faculty of Legal Sciences, as Indiana always points out, that she was lucky enough to meet professors Larisa and Branimir Čović, who even then encouraged her in their lectures on the subject of Communication. Soon after that, the Faculty of Philological Sciences was founded at our University and Indiana was the first generation of the Russian language study program.

As a student, Indiana was involved in every event that was in any way related to her college, in and out of class. The activities were numerous. She was a representative of the Faculty of Philological Sciences of "Apeiron" University at international festivals of the Russian language and the most direct participant in events at the University dedicated to Russian greats and immortal names of world literature, which the Faculty and its dean, Larisa Čović, nurtured as a tradition.

The Pan-European University enabled Indiana to participate in an exchange and go to Moscow to the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples, where she stayed for a year. The improvement of the Russian language and the complete scientific path that she went through during that time in Russia were invaluable, as she points out today, and it was then that the decision to return to Russia matured - she finished her academic career with a doctorate and started a family there.