Camping was accompanied by humanity


During the activities in nature, which the Faculty of Sports Sciences organized for its students in the Balkans from June 28 to July 3, a humanitarian deed was also found.

While walking around Lisina, students and teachers came across a team in the Zelenkovac Eco Zone, which was covering the roof of the facility in the camp. Traditionally, "Apeiron" has shown its humane side.

"Students, assistants, professors of "Aperion" and us. The house is covered for the hour. They have always fostered a collective spirit and feeling in our people. Through harvesting the harvest, repairing damage, raising a roof over our heads or anything else that we can help each other by working together. Today, professors, assistants and students of the Pan-European University from Banja Luka showed their good side and traditional manners. Although they hiked the Lisina mountain, a 20-kilometer-long tarsus, in the tropical heat, as soon as they took a break in the idyllic shade of Zelenkovac, seeing where the three of us were covering the facility in the camp, they wholeheartedly came to our aid. This work would take us several days, but with the help of many hands, everything was finished in less than two hours. We hereby salute and thank them", said Boro Janković, owner of the Zelenkovac mountain resort.

Rafting, kayaking, diving, exercise - rescuing drowning people, hiking, orienteering in nature were organized for the students at the camping. As in previous years, this time with the students during the camping were prof. Dr. Velimir Vukajlović, senior assistants Darko Božić and Srboljub Vuković and technical secretary of the Faculty of Sports Sciences Nebojša Anđelić.

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July 03, 2019 - Public Relations Department