Janko Peurača is the first student of the Faculty of Information Technologies who will go on an internship at the German company Camfil-Handte in Tuttlingen at the beginning of December 2015.

Through the agency Alumna, which made the first contacts with the company Camfil-Handte, the Pan-European University "Apeiron" signed an agreement on cooperation with this German concern in mid-November, which expressed the need for the involvement of students of the Faculty of Information Technologies. Individual interviews with students were held via Skype, on the basis of which Janko was selected.

The knowledge I have acquired so far at my university helped me, together with the trainings, sections and trainings in the IT field, I had everything I needed to enter an internship in Germany, said Janko and added that his expectations for the experience he plans to return home with are high.

Janko will spend a year on internship and the employer is ready to offer him a permanent employment contract if both parties are satisfied.

In addition to the students of the Faculty of Health Sciences who have been going to Germany for paid internships for the past two years, IT specialists also got this opportunity. We are constantly working to increase the number of internships where our students can acquire practical knowledge, in the country and abroad. When it comes to Germany, most of the students who attended an internship there had the opportunity to establish a working relationship, said Elveldina Tatarević, head of the Center for Career Guidance of the Pan-European University.

Camfil emphasized that Janko only opened the season and that in all their centers students of the Faculty of Information Technologies of the Pan-European University will be able to go on internships.

Find more information about internships on the website: cvk@apeiron‐ 

November 27, 2015 - Public Relations Department