The youngest employee and still a student made the biggest contribution

At the end of August, the joint application of the Pan-European University "Apeiron" and 9 European universities for the project was accepted and successfully verified. "ENERGY SECURITY AND ENERGY POVERTY MANAGEMENT FOR A SECURE SOCIAL ENERGY TRANSITION" ("EN-SECURE"). The project is implemented within the framework of the European Commission program "HORIZON 2020" and the total budget amounts to 2.994.109,00 EUR, and for the planned activities of the Pan-European University, an amount of 175.028,00 EUR.

"In the preparation of part of the application, a significant contribution was made by the newly hired professional associate for scientific research work, projects and international cooperation of the Pan-European University, Aljoša Kostić, who is also a fourth-year student of our Faculty of Business Economics", emphasized prof. Dr. Sanel Jakupović, vice-rector for scientific research and international cooperation of "Apeiron" University.

The vice-chancellor added that the goal of the project is to develop and introduce a comprehensive model of "social energy" based on structural equation modeling and scenario analysis, which is capable of assessing the outcome of the implementation of the Energy Union, especially the application of research on energy citizenship and the pillar of clean energy innovation.


1. University of World and National Economy – Bulgaria (project manager)

2. Pan-European University Apeiron Banja Luka (PEUA) – BiH

3. Association of Iconic and Industrial Management Teachers - Bulgaria

4. Herme Research Development Software Training and Consulting Limited Company – Turkey

5. University of Peloponnese – Greece

6. Universitaet Mannheim – Germany

7. Luiss Libera Universita internazionale degli studi sociali Guido Carli – Italy

8. Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien – Austria

9. Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Belgium

10. Turgut Ozal education sha – Albania

September 02, 2020 - Public Relations Department