The magazine «Российская газета» together with the Government of Moscow conducted the XNUMXth international Pushkin competition for teachers of the Russian language, and our professor Milena Aleksić is one of the laureates, the winner of the award in the category of the most talented and energetic pedagogues-Russians outside the borders of the Russian Federation.

Milena Aleksić represented Serbia and Pan-European University "Apeiron".

During the previous 18 years, more than 6000 teachers participated in this competition, and 900 of them became laureates and experts of the magazine "Российская газета".

The theme of this year's competition was «220: Pushkin under tension. Memoir or blogger? Не мешают ли классики учить русский новому поколению?»

June 220 marked the XNUMXth anniversary of the birth of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, the founder of the modern Russian language. If Pushkin lived today, would he be a blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers? His verses, letters, epigrams, dedications in girls' notebooks are precise and powerful, many of them can be compared to contemporary blogs. And it is increasingly common to hear the opinion that today's students do not understand Brother Pushkin and that the language of the classics is complicated and boring for the generations that grew up on comics, Instagram, and YouTube. The question for teachers was: Do you agree with that? Do you manage to convince your students that the Internet and shopping malls are not the main source in learning the Russian language?

June 12, 2019 - Public Relations Department