The Faculty of Philological Sciences has been organizing two semesters of study in Russia for seven years

Faculty of Philological Sciences of the Pan-European University in the academic year 2016/17. In XNUMX, he and the students of the Faculty of Information Technologies provided a study trip to the Russian Federation at two Moscow universities - the AC Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language and the Moscow State Pedagogical University. 

For the past seven years, students of the Faculty of Philological Sciences have had the opportunity to spend a part of their studies lasting two semesters at Russian universities and have returned with fantastic success., Professor Larisa Čović, dean of this faculty, is proud. He points out that, in addition to philologists, colleagues from the Faculty of Information Technologies were also in Russia this year.

In addition to listening and actively participating in classes, our students in Russia excel in the research, scientific field, with dedicated works in the field of the Russian language.

This year, the AC Puskin State Institute of the Russian Language awarded students Biljana Ilić and Jovana Gajić a special recognition and certificate of appreciation for the organization and participation in the cultural and educational festival for Moscow students "Friendship Horizon: place - Volgina 6".

When a conference in Russia leaves the scientific stamp of a student from Banja Luka, and the student leaves a mark with invaluable acquired knowledge, you will remember that experience for the rest of your life. emphasizes Biljana and adds that a hardworking group of 22 students, who stayed in Moscow this year, returned to their University with numerous medals, diplomas and certificates.

In the next school year, 7 students will go to Russia to: Ivanovo State University, "Herzen" State University in St. Petersburg and AC Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language.

The Pan-European University has signed cooperation agreements with the mentioned, but also with many other universities and institutions in Russia, the latest being the one with the Russian Academy of Sciences from Moscow, with which in March of this year it organized a joint international scientific conference "New and Traditional in Translatology and teach Russian as a foreign language".

July 11, 2017 - Public Relations Department