university day 2020

The ceremonial Academy on the occasion of 17 years of work of the Pan-European University and 12 years of the "Gemit-Apeiron" Secondary School Center was held on Thursday, February 13.

At the Academy, the rector, academician Zoran Avramović, introduced the professor who received the title of emeritus at the University, prof. Dr. Radmil Marojevic. The Rector also presented doctoral diplomas to candidates who received their doctorates in the academic year 2018/19. year.

From the scholarship fund "Prof. Dr. Risto Kozomara" vice-rector, prof. Dr. Sanel Jakupović presented four one-year scholarships for students with the highest grade point average in their studies so far. The best among them, Aljoša Kostić, a student at the Faculty of Business Economics, received a watch in addition to the scholarship.

Rector's commendations were awarded to the best students who graduated from all seven faculties in the past academic year.
As a sign of gratitude for the exceptional contribution to the development of "Apeiron" University, for the cooperation that has lasted for many years, and for the great practical teaching opportunities provided to the students of the Pan-European University, our vice-chancellor Jakupović presented plaques to the directors: Bosnaekspresa, Ratko Močić, Pavlović Tursa, Goran Starčević and Vodovoda Miljana Miljanović. A special certificate of thanks was awarded to Maja Gvozden for her selfless cooperation and donation to the Pan-European University.

As part of the University Day, textbooks and printed modern teaching aids, published in the past year, were presented as part of the broad mission of the Center for Publishing.

"The publishing house of the Pan-European University "Apeiron" with its last year's editions contributes to the development of university books in the region, in terms of scientific quality and choice of topics and type of processing. The published books are from the field of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities and are distinguished by their quality, which implies a good publishing policy and compliance with the reform of higher education. In order to get to where we are now, we are preparing by setting academic methodological, didactic and art-graphic standards, as well as professional and managerial skills", said the rector of the Pan-European University academician prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović.

Our guests had the opportunity to see the exhibition "MILANKOVIĆ", which was organized by the Association of Innovators of the Republic of Srpska on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the birth of Milutin Milanković. In 2019, the exhibition was presented in 15 cities of the Republic of Srpska. The Libertango ensemble presented itself to the audience in the music section of the Academy.

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