A project for intellectually free and students with broader academic aspirations

Open lectures in philosophy, science and art.

Every Thursday from 18:XNUMX in the premises of "Apeiron" University, interested students, both from Pan-European and other universities, can attend open lectures and workshops of assistant professor Igor Ševa, which include the fields of philosophy, science and art.

In the past eight months, how long has the creator of this project – Assoc. Dr. Igor Ševo works with his, as he says, students with broader academic aspirations, very specific topics such as machine learning - classification and regression, statistical and supervised learning, neural networks... were taught about music and the basic elements of music theory, so e.g. worked on the musical, cinematographic and philosophical processing of the film trilogy The Matrix, researching methodological similarities in prose, poetry and musical composition. Literature was discussed with numerous topics, from Desanka's "Strepnja" to "Song to a Woman" by Jovan Dučić and William Shakespeare - "Sonnet 116".

    The lectures are aimed at those who want improvement, and do not want limitations, for successful follow-up, no specific preparation is necessary, but a certain degree of commitment is implied.
  • 21 students responded to the lectures and workshops, but the number of attendees differed depending on the announced topic, in the sense that certain topics gathered more interested people from areas closer to them, while a smaller number responded to some. We dealt with really broad and fundamentally different areas, and the different response is understandable, said Ševo, whose main goal is to help students during their training in multiple directions with the intention of expanding their personality in that universal direction.

In the coming period, the intention of the lecturer is to hold thematic lectures where, along with the possibility of acquiring new knowledge from various fields, students with broad interests will be given the opportunity to get in touch and have a discussion that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to have.

More information about the lecturer and the initiator of the project:

November 14, 2022

Public Relations Department

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