Handball players "Borca" from "Apeiron" receive free tuition

Sara Majkić, a handball player from the Banja Luka club "Borac", received a scholarship in the form of free tuition for studies at the Pan-European University, thanks to the sponsorship agreement signed between "Apeiron" and the Women's Handball Club "Borac" from Banja Luka.

Sara plays for the first team in the Premier League and is a representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was enrolled at the Faculty of Health Sciences and alongside her brilliant sports career, she also ventured into academics.

"The opportunity they gave me is priceless - to gain knowledge about the sport I love and something that comes after handball, which is a life calling. "Thank you to my director Darko Savić, who unreservedly advocates for all of us, and a big thank you to the management of "Apeiron", which recognized our club as the bearer of the development of women's sports and provided us with support," said Sara Majkić.

Darko Savić, director of the "Borac" ŽRK, emphasized that it is extremely important for female players to continue their education after high school and that "Apeiron" as a higher education institution with a variety of study programs is the best choice for acquiring knowledge and a university degree.

"My focus is not only on the girls excelling on the floor with the ball. We are a family and their every progress is important to me, especially that they continue their education. There are players in the team who are interested in building a sports career outside of RS and BiH, and the connection with "Apeiron" can really be of great importance, because we know from experience that their diploma will be recognized in the countries where they continue to play professional handball," adds Savić.

The Pan-European University will, according to the amount defined in the contract, provide scholarships to other players who have decided to study at one of the seven faculties.

Banja Luka, November 23, 2023

Public Relations Department

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