With our students, high school students learn the Russian language through a course

The Faculty of Philological Sciences founded the Russian club "HELLO" two years ago. The club is intended for everyone who loves the Russian language, Russian literature and Russian culture.

Anja Matočkina, assistant at the Faculty of Philological Sciences, is the head of the Club.

In March 2019, third- and fourth-year students of the Faculty of Philological Sciences, as part of the discussion club "Zdravstvujte" held Russian language classes at the "Gemit-Apeiron" High School Center. The students, who had not encountered the Russian language until then, learned some basic Russian words and phrases, several cases and two groups of verbs. The result of the classes is their ability to get to know each other, discuss interests and jobs in the Russian language.

In addition, the students themselves acted as a committee and evaluated the students' work as young teachers. In this way, all participants gained valuable experience and new impressions. In the coming period, the club will continue with new projects, and all information about the work and further courses can be obtained from the manager, Anja Matočkina, by email:

April 19, 2019 - Public Relations Department