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Students of "Apeiron" in Sarajevo won a special award for the best rated scientific research work

A team of young innovators delighted the jury and festival participants with an innovation intended for children with developmental disabilities

Students of the Faculty of Information Technologies of "Apeiron" University Daniel Menićanin, Jelena Radanović, Nikola Račić and Zoran Glamočak won the special award "Dr. Branislava Peruničić" for the best rated student work at the Sarajevo Innovations Festival on October 28, 2023. Their project – an RC platform controlled by a PlayStation 4 controller was evaluated by acc. Ph.D. Branislava Peruničić, professor emeritus at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo and academician of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, other members of the jury and all participants of the festival. Individual awards of other categories were also awarded, evaluated only by the jury.

The "Apeiron" team was personally presented with the award by professor Peruničić, and they also received praise from Maja Tursunović, director of the Telemach Foundation - the sponsor of the festival.

"Maja Tursunović emphasized the impressive multidisciplinary character of our project because we combined skills from the fields of programming, robotics and medicine and successfully realized an ambitious project whose goal is primarily to improve the lives of children with developmental disabilities. The purpose of the innovation is to improve motor skills and their emotional state by providing them with the ability to manage the formula. At the festival, it was noticed that we focused on a brighter future for children who need support," said Daniel Menićanin.

This year, the exhibitors were students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina who in the previous period worked hard on their scientific research achievements.

The Sarajevo Innovations Festival has been organized by STELEKS, the Association of Students of the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the University of Sarajevo, for seven years. It presents a review of student works, young innovators in the field of electrical engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering and other related fields. The event was supported by the leading IT companies in BiH.

November 6, 2023

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