The course Wellbeing is available for students of all faculties

Why is the Wellbeing subject an indispensable element for the education of our students?

Given that we spend a third of our time at work, the well-being of employees and employers should be a priority.
Happy workers achieve 13% more productivity.

We want to build well-being at our University (the project is ongoing), and educate our students to take care of their mental health in order to be a greater contribution to themselves and the companies they work for.

The advantages of well-being and well-being in the company are:

  • It reduces absenteeism from the workplace
  • Increases employee loyalty
  • It creates a competitive advantage
  • Builds a positive climate in the company
  • It reduces stress, anxiety and back problems
  • Increases motivation and focus in work
  • It gives financial benefits

The financial benefits of wellness programs in the company show a significant return on investment in wellness programs (internal estimate of Johnson and Johnson - $2,21 for every dollar spent).

Human resources (HR) are increasingly deciding to support such activities, aware of the strategic return on investment in preventive and comprehensive mental and physical health.

The lecturers of the Wellbeing course are:

Jana Aleksic, associate professor at the Faculty of Business Economics, practitioner of psychological-energetic techniques (EFT, TH and TLH) and leader of a holistic fitness program

Bojana Blažević, senior assistant at the Faculty of Business Economics, career coach, mindfulness and yoga teacher, NLP master

All students can take this course as an elective in the summer semester. The course will be held in April and is worth 6 ECTS.

We invite all students to inform themselves about this optional subject, which is realized in April and amounts to 6 ECTS. All information about the subject to emails.

We meet at lectures and develop well-being life and business skills together.