Alumni Association - student association

About Us

The alumni association is a voluntary association whose members are all students who have completed basic, master's, master's or doctoral studies at the Pan-European University "Apeiron", as well as students whose studies are in progress with the aim of connecting all generations of students, in order to achieve their permanent cooperation .


The alumni center will provide its members with an active feedback link with the Pan-European University "Apeiron", i.e. the use of the University's potential to update their competence, as well as active action in the creation of content that the University distributes to its students and other users of modern educational, scientific and professional achievements. By updating the database of its members, the Alumni Center enables mutual connections between members, in order to further develop their professional ties, but also to preserve the philanthropic commitment to the Pan-European University.

Members of the alumni association of the Pan-European University "Apeiron" together contribute to creating value and improving the status of the University, its students, employees and partners, as well as the entire communities in which they operate.


  • connecting former students through the Alumni Association
  • creating a database of alumni with their data in order to make future business connections
  • organizing joint performances of the alumni association before third parties/institutions
  • cooperation with organizations, companies, including chambers of commerce, labor market, etc.
  • regularly informing members about current events at the University
  • improvement of academic skills and training according to the requirements of the economy, the public sector as well as all other interest groups
  • organizing official meetings of members of the Alumni Association (anniversaries, celebrations, conferences, seminars, trips) with the aim of professional and personal upgrading of alumni
  • provision of special privileges regarding access to the library, the possibility of searching databases (scientific-research information), online catalogs, bibliographies, etc.
  • designing and fostering a culture of work and living


Members of the Alumni Association of the Pan-European University "APEIRON" can be other academic citizens from the country and abroad, who wish to do so and who fulfill the ethical, social and humanistic values ​​on which the university is based and promoted. Becoming a member of the alumni association of the Pan-European University "Apeiron" is voluntary, by completing an online application. All members will be provided with quick and efficient access to information and establishment of mutual contacts. Access and membership in the alumni association are free.

Download the alumni association membership application form

Management of the Alumni Organization:

  1. Ljiljana Kukavica, President of the Board of Directors
  2. Borislav Marić, vice president
  3. Vanja Jovičić Kalamanda, secretary

Faculty coordinators:

  1. Faculty of Business Economics: Danilo Kojić, Mirjana Grubiša, Vedran Šupuković, Ajdin Mešić
  2. Faculty of Information Technologies: Nebojša Janjić, Duško Kukavica
  3. Faculty of Philological Sciences: Snježana Popović
  4. Faculty of Law: Goran Gajić, Irena Stupar
  5. Faculty of Traffic: Nikola Tomašević
  6. Faculty of Sports Sciences: Boris Jeličić
  7. Faculty of Health Sciences: Sanja Josipović