Alumni activities

Alumni activities

On the initiative of Bojana Lekić, an alumna of the Pan-European University "Apeiron", who is the coordinator of the American Corner, the library of the Pan-European University "Apeiron" is enriched with thirty new titles, thanks to the donation of the American Corner in Banja Luka. This donation includes literature in English, from the fields of health and economics, as well as certain classics of American literature, and in the near future we will donate more books to "Apeiron". The cooperation with the Pan-European University and the American Corner continues, since it is planned that the students will do their professional practice in the American Corner. Bojana emphasized that joint projects in the form of education are also planned.

An alumnus of the Pan-European University Apeiron Eniz Žonlić proposed the organization of a lecture on "MONETARY POLICY IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA" which was also held by our alumnus employed at the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, associate professor Dr. Dragan Jović, on October 22.10.2021, XNUMX. in the hall of the University's large amphitheater.

The Fim Academy for Physiotherapy under the leadership of Mladen Vučenović has signed a cooperation agreement with the Pan-European University Apeiron, under which students interested in further education in the field of physiotherapy are given a 30% discount.


Results of Our Alumni


    Master's degree Dejan Majkic, assistant director of the Tax Administration of the RS, in the Information Technology sector, provided access to educational content from the field of Information Technology for students of the Pan-European University on his website. Dejan is the creator of over 20 courses on the popular Udemy educational platform, as well as a large number of video tutorials on the YouTube channel.
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    Organized by the Pan-European University Apeiron, Asst. Dr. Dalibor Drljača held a one-day training for the preparation and writing of projects according to European Union funds, for students, teaching and non-teaching staff.



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