Erasmus + is a program of the European Union recognizable by the mobility of students, teachers and associates between partner universities that have signed bilateral cooperation agreements

Opportunities to study abroad: Erasmus+ offers students the opportunity to study at a higher education institution in another European country. This experience allows students to get to know another culture, gain a global perspective and develop intercultural skills.

Personal growth and independence: Erasmus+ promotes the personal growth and development of each student to get out of their comfort zones, adapt to a new environment and become more self-reliant. This experience improves their problem-solving, communication and intercultural skills, which is recognized as an asset by the local and global labor market.

The program also includes capacity building, strategic partnerships and promotion of the values ​​of the European Union through the key activity of Jean Monnet.

Thanks to the Erasmus + project, our professors, students and non-teaching staff stay at universities all over Europe, and at the same time they host many foreign professors, students and other employees at higher education partner institutions of "Apeiron" University.

As part of Erasmus+, we signed agreements on cooperation with the B2 Business School from Ljubljana, where our professors Jana Aleksić, Vesna Novaković and Igor Grujić stayed and held lectures for their students. The administrative staff stayed at the mentioned school for different periods of time, including Anja Dragojević, Živana Kljajić, Aljoša Kostić, Alen Tatarević and Bojan Aleksić.

Also, "Apeiron" students Žarko Bajić and Ana Solarević each spent one semester at the University, listening to lectures and taking exams. The official language was English.

"Apeirona" professors Darijana Antonić and Ljiljana Tadić Latinović, and even twice professor Ilija Baroš, stayed in the Czech Republic at the partner university of South Bohemia - České Budejovice. They also held lectures for their students.

A total of 11 of our students from the Faculty of Health Sciences stayed at the same University for two months and attended practical classes at the University Clinical Center of České Budejovice.

Anja Dragojević, Filip Bajić, Živana Kljajić and Elveldina Tatarević also stayed at this university in the Czech Republic as non-teaching staff of "Apeiron" University.

At Jan Kochanowski University - Kielce, Poland, "Apeiron" University professor Vesna Novaković held lectures for undergraduate and master's students.

Within the framework of the signed Cooperation Agreement between our University and the University of Seville, in Spain, the Rector of the University "Apeiron" prof. Dr. Sanel Jakupović, assistant director for legal affairs Elveldina Tatarević and secretary Maja Dujaković stayed at this University for 7 days.


For the last three years, in different time periods, the guests of "Apeiron" University within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program and incoming mobility, who were listened to by our students through lectures, were:

  • Nana Weber, professor at the B2 Business School from Ljubljana;
  • Katarina Aškerc, professor at the Business School B2 from Ljubljana;
  • Marcela Mikova, professor at the University of South Bohemia - Czech Republic;
  • Sükrü Anıl TOYGAR, Professor of Tarsus University from Turkey,
  • Krzysztof Sielski, professor at Jan Kochanowski University - Kielce, Poland and
  • Anna Dybala, professor at Jan Kochanowski University - Kielce, Poland.

Erasmus + is a program of the European Union for education, training, youth and sport, and covers the period from 2021 to 2027 with a budget of EUR 26,2 billion. Erasmus+ offers a wide range of opportunities for students, academic and non-teaching staff to study or do internships abroad, give lectures, professional development, as well as for capacity building and creation of cooperation networks between higher education institutions of EU member states and other countries of the world.
You can find more information about this program on the program's official website.



The ECTS users' guide 2015 is a guide that provides guidance on the application of ECTS and provides links to useful supporting documents.

The guide is intended for students, academic and administrative staff at higher education institutions, as well as other interested parties. The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System – ECTS (European credit transfer system) is an effective instrument for creating transparent study programs, for promoting student mobility, for easier recognition and comparison of study programs, as well as for the recognition of higher education qualifications.

It is a tool of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) which improves the quality of higher education.

Guide in Serbian language

Guide in English

Guide - extract from the statute

Economics and financing of health care organizations in 2021
Health care systems and health policy 2021
Business logistics and freight forwarding management
cost management
Customs management and customs policies
Cyber ​​threats, attacks and defense technologies
Digital video editing20
Econ diploma PRC
English Language 1 2021
English Language 2 2021
English Language 3 2021
English Language 4 2021
European Union20
Fundamentals of cryptography
International business law
Investment management 20
Logistics and freight forwarding20

Marketing psychologists 23

Medical deontology20
Pedagogy, didactics and methodology of health education
PKI systems
Production and operations management
Protection of computer and business systems
Sociology of health and disease with public health
Supply chain management
SYLLABUS Institutions and economy of the EU_2016_09_09
Traffic safety20
TV advertising

Cyber ​​Law 23

Constitutional Law 23

Budget management 23

Basics of system theory and management 23

Basics of design in the traffic system 23

Advanced study techniques and special effects 23

Advanced mobile computing 23

Wellbeing 23

Vehicle operation and maintenance 23

Vector graphics and design 23

Transport of dangerous goods 23

Traffic terminals 23

Traffic management methods demand 23

Traffic flow theory - advanced program 23

Traffic accident expertise 23

Technological Management 23

Strategic Management 23

Sports Management 23

Sound processing and analysis 23

Road and City Traffic Infrastructure 23

Reversible and green waste logistics material 23

Raster Graphics and Design 23

Railway traffic safety 23

Quality systems in traffic and transport 23

Public Procurement Management 23

Public International Law 23

Project Management 23

Multimedia Content 23

Multimedia 23

Mobile computing 23

Methods and analyzes in traffic safety 23

Methodology of scientific research work 23

Marketing management research 23

Management of public finances 23

Logistics and Shipping 23

Intelligent Transportation Systems & Logistic 23

Integral transport 23

Innovation management 23

HR Management 23

GIS – Geographic Information Systems 23

Evaluation and management of traffic projects 23

European Union 23


Pan-European University Apeiron works intensively on signing inter-institutional agreements with higher education institutions from the group of program countries and improving the Erasmus+ infrastructure as a basis for the exchange of students, teaching and administrative staff.

Students of all study cycles are allowed to spend one or two semesters at universities in the European Union. In this way, students get to know the process of studying at partner universities in the EU, programs and projects of European countries, improve their competences and language skills, and establish contact with colleagues.

Within the Erasmus+ program, academic and administrative staff of the University have the possibility of a short stay at a foreign university for the purpose of holding lectures or training. The Office for International Cooperation of the University provides organizational support to students, academic and administrative staff during mobility.

Pan-European University Apeiron has signed the following Inter-institutional agreements (KA107):



International Credit Mobility is one of the most important activities of the Erasmus+ program and involves a certain period of study or training abroad (in accordance with the enrolled study program at the domestic university), with the aim of acquiring the necessary ECTS points. Erasmus+ credit mobility (KA107) is based on a previously signed inter-institutional agreement between two higher education institutions. At the end of the mobility, students return to their home university and continue their studies. Therefore, it is about mobility (studying or doing an internship) outside the home university for one to two semesters (minimum 3 months, maximum 12 months) without the possibility of obtaining a diploma.


In 2014, the Agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union on participation and payment of the entrance ticket was signed. At this stage, BiH is enabled to: participate in projects (mobility for the purpose of learning, cooperation projects, capacity building, policy reform support, youth activities and the Jean Monnet initiative), European educational networks (Eurydice, Euroguidance, Europass), EQF (European qualification framework) as well as participation in IT platforms (eTwinning and EPALE).

It monitors the implementation of the Erasmus+ program in Bosnia and Herzegovina National Erasmus+ office in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ECTS coordinator
Živana Kljajić
Tel: + 387 (0) 51 247 972

Erasmus+ coordinator
Anja Dragojevic
Tel: + 387 (0) 51 247 971