The scholarship fund for students of the Pan-European University "Dr. Risto Kozomara" was established on January 30, 2014. The seat of the Fund is the Pan-European University. The Fund is represented and represented by the Director of the University.

Scholarship winners in the form of free tuition for one year of study (academic 2020/21.)

The goals of this fund are:
● providing financial support to the most talented students of the first cycle of studies;
● encouraging students to do scientific research work;
● promotion of the achieved results of scholarship holders;
● providing support in the development of the scholar's professional and scientific research career;
● cooperation with other institutions and organizations of importance for University students.

The selection of candidates for the scholarship is made on the basis of the achieved average grade and for students in the third year of study. Since its establishment, the university has awarded scholarships to more than 20 part-time students, who are employed at the Pan-European University Apeiron. Prominent sports workers who are students of our university are also entitled to a scholarship.

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    Siniša Gligorić, Faculty of Information Technologies

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    Bojana Radović, Faculty of Philological Sciences

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    Dejan Bajić, Faculty of Information Technologies

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    Aljoša Kostić, Faculty of Business Economics

Scholarship winners in the form of free tuition for one year of study:

  • Tatjana Đukić, Faculty of Philological Sciences;
  • Dajana Đukić, Faculty of Legal Sciences;
  • Teodora Kaplarski, Faculty of Health Sciences.