University Television

The Pan-European University "APEIRON" has implemented a platform for IP television as well as IP radio through which educational and academic video and audio content are broadcast in real time in order to increase the quality of services provided to students within the framework of regular studies and distance learning systems. The platform itself is also used to deliver video content of recorded lectures within the Learning Cubes 3.5 distance learning system.

Pan-European University "APEIRON" broadcasts academic and educational-documentary television programs in digital format as interactive IP television through the internet TV channel "APEIRON TV Channel" at the WEB address APEIRON TV Channel is an Internet radio and TV channel open to programming, aimed at general users and students, but also at all intellectually curious new generation television viewers.
You can access the university television here

This project benefits not only the students of the Pan-European University, but also young, creative and enterprising colleagues from the academic community and the social environment.

University Television "Apeiron"

The academic television channel APEIRON TV is a project of students and experts from the Pan-European University that develops the following program content:

  • informative program dedicated to events at the Pan-European University and the academic community in Banja Luka, BiH and abroad;
  • educational and scientific program dedicated to modern scientific and technological fields;
  • contents that contribute to knowledge transfer, distance education and lifelong learning;
  • The program called "Quality of Life" is dedicated to the quality of life with content related to the improvement of human humanity and habitat, contemporary trends, preservation of the natural environment, sustainable development, nutrition, healthy life, active physical exercise, development and nurturing of mental health, social psychology;
  • podcasting and webcasting of short news stories dedicated to technology, political events in the environment, sports and art;
  • collection, processing and publication of video and audio materials, texts and photos, production and post-production, internet radio, TV broadcasts, as well as collection of video and photo materials from mobile phones;
  • a documentary program dedicated to the academic community in the immediate and distant environment, the European Union and local communities;
  • pedagogical workshops;
  • student interdisciplinary and multimedia works;
  • broadcast of alternative film content;
  • content related to music and sports that correspond to the interests of young people;
  • within the framework of the academic TV channel, an international "pool" of academic exchange of audio-video content, documentary programs and educational-scientific programs is being developed;
  • Within the academic TV channel, interactive media and digital technologies of internet broadcasting and the integration of multimedia in TV production are explored;

As a television of youth and creativity, a kind of workshop of modern digital audio-video technologies and as a place to promote the improvement of higher education, APEIRON TV Channel encourages investigative journalism, scientific research work of students and young people and the development of modern interactive media.