He was born on May 10, 1958. in Ratkovo, Ključ municipality. He finished primary school in Sitnica, and secondary mechanical engineering in Daruvar. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Banja Luka, where he also received his master's degree. At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Dudoko extraction of thin sheets when controlling skating on the rim". In his profession, he worked as a designer, technologist, technical director and general director in medium and large companies, such as Čajavec, Jelšingrad Foundry, Jelšingrad Machine Tool Factory and Vrbas Furniture Factory. He has worked on several different projects in manufacturing companies. It has a large number of its own construction and technological original solutions in production companies. Recognized and verified technical solution, Device for testing the impact of tension ribs when sliding sheets in variable conditions, technical solution class M83 according to the classification of the Rulebook on procedure, evaluation method and quantitative presentation of scientific research results of researchers (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia - No. 38/2008) , Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac, decision no. TP-61/2012 dated 26 January 2012. In the RS employers' association, he worked as the president of the electrical, chemical, rubber and non-metal industries. He has certificates of Mechanical Expert, Head of Technical Inspections, Bankruptcy Trustee as well as certificates for design and supervision of mechanical structures. In education, he worked as a professor of vocational subjects at the Secondary Technical Mechanical School in Daruvar and as a senior assistant at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Banja Luka. Since 2012, he has been working as a professor of a group of mechanical subjects at the Faculty of Transportation and the Faculty of Information Technology, Apperon University in Banja Luka. He has published more than 40 scientific and professional papers in domestic and international scientific and professional journals. He is the author of a university textbook, and a member of the editorial board of the international professional journal Traffic and Transport Theory and Practice, published by the Pan-European University "Apeiron". Since 2018, he has been the dean of the Faculty of Transportation.