He was born on October 23.10.1959, XNUMX. in the town of Osija in the municipality of Kalinovik. He completed his basic studies in 1986. at the Faculty of Traffic in Sarajevo, and a master's degree in 2007. at the Faculty of Business Studies in Belgrade - topic: Alternative management models in the public transport sector in the Republic of Srpska, where in 2011 defended his doctoral dissertation - dd: Concessions in public urban passenger transport. In the field of traffic engineering - dd: Selection of models for organizing public urban passenger transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he received his doctorate again in 2013. at the Faculty of Traffic in Travnik. He is the author of 4 university textbooks and one monograph in the field of traffic engineering, one manual in traffic safety, and he is a reviewer of dozens of scientific and professional works and several university textbooks, with over 30 original scientific and overview works in the field of traffic and logistics, published in international and domestic scientific magazines and anthologies, as well as over 50 professional works in the field of transport and logistics. So far, he has participated in 18 international and domestic projects in the field of planning, design and traffic safety. He has conducted over 1500 court expert reports and expertise in the field of traffic accidents and traffic damage. Since 2016 arranges and organizes professional training in the field of education of driving instructors, lecturers and examiners in the driver training process. He is one of the founders and currently the current editor-in-chief of the scientific journal "Traffic and transport theory and practice - tttp", which has found a place in the world's largest citation database - the Copernicus database, and is in the second category of ranked publications in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the competences, he has licensed skills: Lecturer (knowledge of traffic safety regulations), Examiner (knowledge of traffic safety regulations), Expertise on the cause of traffic accidents, Expertise on the amount of damage to vehicles, Preparation of spatial planning documentation, Preparation of technical documentation - phase of traffic signaling and supervision , Revisions of technical documentation - phase of traffic signaling and supervision, Road safety audits/Road Safety auditor (RSA), Road safety audits (Road Safety auditor (RSI). He is a member of the Subcommittee for Transport, Energetics, Energy, Environment and Regional Development of Bosnia and Herzegovina (in front of Republika Srpska) in the talks with the EU. He is a member of the commission for conducting examinations for traffic experts. He is a member of the Working Group for coordinating activities in the field of traffic safety in the Republic of Srpska. He performed the functions of Assistant Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Srpska for inspections and Chief Republic Traffic Inspector - Assistant Director of the Republic Administration for Inspection Affairs of the Republic of Srpska. At the Faculty of Traffic of Apeiron University in Banja Luka, he was engaged as an associate professor in courses in the field of traffic engineering, where he also held the position of vice dean for teaching. From 01.12.2022.

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