The application "Card of a scientific / academic worker" presented to the public all participants in the educational process at the Pan-European University "APEIRON".

WEB application The card of the scientific / academic worker is connected to the integral information system of the institution. The data entered in the information subsystem Human Resources Management, relevant to the card of the academic / scientific worker, are downloaded in real time in the WEB application Card of the scientific / academic worker and are currently available to the public.

With the launch of this application, data on the development and progress of all those involved in the teaching process at Apeiron University are available to the public, with a focus on their contribution to the development of science and scientific research at the institution.

This application provides a more detailed insight into the academic credibility of our academic and scientific workers, presents data on completed high school, second cycle, ie, master's studies, doctoral studies, biographies and bibliographies of each academic / scientific worker. Data related to published scientific papers in reference scientific journals and scientific collections, scientific monographs, textbooks are available.

Cards of scientific and academic workers are not a rarity and represent the usual documentation of higher education institutions. The specificity is the WEB application itself, which simply, but comprehensively, takes over data from a single integrated university information system that presents to the public all those who are involved in the teaching process and scientific work at the Pan-European University.

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