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Candidate Theme name Mentor
Dina Redzovic  The Council of Ministers as the executive authority Prof. Dr. Academician Rajko Kuzmanović
Miroslava Šormaz Management in banking Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Sanja Sukar Strategic marketing management in ORION-3, doo Banja Luka Asst. Dr. Slavko Segić
Enes Demirović Models of organizing business companies Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Duško Laketić Management in the executive bodies of the state administration with special reference to the police Mile Matijević, Ph.D
Koviljka Vučić Analysis of the pension and disability insurance system in the RS with reference to the countries of the region Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Lejla Ferizović Communication in entrepreneurship Prof. Dr. Larisa Covic
Luka Marjanović Marketing and product development Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Rahmija Redzović Sales promotion Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Alen Avdic Development of small and medium enterprises Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Goran Popovic Analysis and organization of retail banking operations Associate Professor Bogdana V. Gligorić
Vlado Sabljic Organization of the customs quota management system Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Lejla Isaković Organization and functioning of administrative bodies in the municipality of Bihać Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Branka Čađo Improvement of sales in the health rehabilitation center SLATINA Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Hadžib Salkić Internet support - network of schools Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Vinko Jungic Bonds as a debt instrument in solving the problem of financing territorial communities Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Senad Hamzabegović Information systems in KMUP Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Mine Bahtić Application of the modern concept of the information system in the functioning of BH Post Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Lana Batić Human resources planning with reference to Pošta srpska Associate Professor Segić Slavko
Vesna Popović Product life cycle and innovation process Associate Professor Segić Slavko
Adnan Muslija Life cycle of companies Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Saban Rizvić Information system design in the company BNT hydraulics Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Mujo Fisho The advantage of electronic business compared to traditional business Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Excrement Jump Sarajevo Stock Exchange Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Ismet Alijagic Management and organization in education Prof. Dr. Academician Rajko Kuzmanović
Aleksandra Vidović Branding as an important function of modern marketing and the connection with the behavior of consumers and buyers Associate Professor Segić Slavko
Velibor Srdić Conflicts in organizations Prof. Dr. Vidosav Lolić
Tamara Bujanovic Causes, conditions and phenomenon of deviant behavior of minors Asst. Dr. Mile Matijević
Dragan Vasilić Characteristics and efficiency of the prosecutor's investigation in the detection and resolution of criminal acts and perpetrators Asst. Dr. Mile Matijević
Kenan Rizvic Monetary policy of the European Union Prof. Dr. Brane Miljuš
Abbas Mušanović European Court of Human Rights Prof. Dr. Brane Miljuš
Borislav Trump Broker-dealer company Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Danijela Lakić Defining the service product in "Innova- IT engineering" for the needs of service marketing Associate Professor Segić Slavko
Ljubiša Vuković Computer networks Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Jelena Lapac Planning and decision-making in the business of small and medium-sized enterprises Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Vesna Todic Contemporary aspects of pharmaceutical marketing Prof. Dr. Mirjana-Martinov Cvejin
Vladimir Dabić Criminal acts related to the abuse of narcotic drugs
Tatjana Žigić Creating competitive advantages as one of the key issues in formulating a company's strategy
Jasmin Taslidzic Information system of the municipality Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Kemal Sehbajraktarević Using IPSec VPN technology to connect national meteorological centers with the global telecommunications network of the World Meteorological Organization Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Mirjana Kuzmanović Public relations as a form of sales promotion Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Dubravka Popović Concept and types of administrative dispute Prof. Dr. Mirjana Rađenović
Nikola Popović Economic indicators of the development of RS in the process of transition Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Zikrija Bahtić Development strategy and functioning of small and medium enterprises Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Rada Cvijić Impact of control and risk assessment Prof. Dr. Academician Rajko Kuzmanović
Kostadin Budić The emergence and development of small and medium-sized enterprises Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Vera Desic Tourism and development of rural tourism Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Jelena Latinović Cultural policy of the European Union Asst. Dr. Brane Miljus
Smiljana Janjic Analysis of economic development in the municipality of Srbac Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Radosava Marjanović Organization of the company Pošta Srpska Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Dragan Dobraš Supporting the development of small, family and medium enterprises Prof. Dr. Željko Mirjanić
Gordana Erak European integrations - Western Balkans - a special review of Bosnia and Herzegovina Asst. Dr. Brane Miljus
Tatjana Kragulj Setup and organization of the production process in the meat industry Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Halida Jakupović Development of small, family and medium enterprises Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Vesna Balaban Organization, management and company management Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Sonja Bejat Small business promotion Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Borivoj Jevđenić Development of information systems in the function of entrepreneurial economy Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Mica Kozlik Legal institutional functioning of the capital market with reference to privatization in the RS Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Saša Vujanović Perspectives for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Jovan Guzijan Blackberry plantation business plan Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Edin Trklja Processing of VAT application via electronic application Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Milica Tepšić Information and communication technologies in public administration reform Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Milan Kovačević Crisis management in Southeast Europe Prof. Dr. Brane Miljuš
Gordana Dejanović Local self-government in RS Prof. Dr. Academician Rajko Kuzmanović
Darko Šukunda Economic analysis of the northwestern region of RS/BiH and the possibilities of economic development of the regions Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Snjezana Radujković Internationally oriented companies and the selection of personnel for international business Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Mahmut Ramić Basics of the budget system with reference to the municipality of Bihać Prof. Dr. Mirjana Rađenović
Mihnet Okic Judicial protection of property Prof. Dr. Enes Hašić
Kada Delić-Selimović Strategic management of athletics in Tuzla 2004-2008
Adnet Bejdić The place and role of iInternet and promotion agencies in integral marketing communication Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Dino Bejdić The use of the Internet in marketing and economic propaganda through the application of the product life cycle with the Case Study of L.oreal shampoo Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Jela Vukadin Application of information technologies Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Kasim Mulalić Information system in JP BiH Pošte Sarajevo Prof. Dr. Branko Latinović
Dobrivoje Budić Analysis of wood reproduction in the municipality of Kneževo Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Dragan Simović Cost rationalization in small and medium enterprises Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Luka Simurina Consumer behavior and decision-making on the purchase of airline services on the Croatian market Prof. Dr. Veljko Đukić
Darko Gligić Opportunities for the development of RS/BiH
Alisa Hajdarović Marketing research in the function of making business decisions in Mostar tourism Prof. Dr. Veljko Đukić
Amela Ćatić Possible directions of tourism development in Mostar Associate Professor Segić Slavko
Petar Erceg Financing of local self-government and the impact of VAT on the financing of the municipality of Laktaši  
Ejub Tokić IT solutions in pedagogical administration Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Vukašin Stjepanović Development and implementation of an E-diary supported by a database and a website Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Miroslav Landika Quantitative analysis of the economic justification of investments and their function in business decision-making Asst. Dr. Đuro Mikić
Marica Djokic Economic aspects of insurance for legal and natural persons and representation Prof. Dr. Milorad Bejatović
Mirjana Grubiša Microeconomic and macroeconomic factors of bank performance Associate Professor Bogdana V. Gligorić
Nedzmija Pavlović Assessment of creditworthiness, client, credit risk management Associate Professor Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Esada Hasanović The tourist product of Sarajevo Canton with its peculiarities Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Rašid Medić Continuity of European integration, Council of Europe - European Union Prof. Dr. Nenad Avramović
Fikreta Mekić Regular legal remedies in criminal proceedings Prof. Dr. Miodrag Simović
Joka Filipović Criminal proceedings against minors Prof. Dr. Miodrag Simović
Hamid Muhovic The function of accounting in modern business practice Associate Professor Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Đulsa Muratović Control and audit in banking operations Associate Professor Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Sladjana Popović Turnaround management and the role of the bank in the process of remediating the company's financial crisis Associate Professor Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Ljiljana Kukavica Capital trading of the RS Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Miloš Nenad OO/Sql approach to distance learning on the example of the school's information system Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Goran Marcheta Credit risk management in banks Associate Professor Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Goran Gajic The crime of murder Prof. Dr. Božidar Banović
Tanja Rakita Kinesitherapy of the acute phase of hemiplegia Prof. Dr. Stevan Jović
Sladjana Jokic Rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy Prof. Dr. Stevan Jović
Gordan Bajić Physiotherapy of Multiple Sclerosis Prof. Dr. Stevan Jović
Mirsad Alagić ASP in WIMAX Network with practical application of m-Parking Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Refik Mehanović The database as a subsystem of the marketing information system Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Shahsena Sejdinović Pension and disability insurance Prof. Dr. Bejatović Milorad
Tomislav Martinović Fundamental analysis Associate Professor Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Predrag Mlađen Technical analysis on capital markets Associate Professor Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Jozo Dunđer Budgeting and control of internal results in the municipality of Žepče Associate Professor Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Jana Aleksic Systemic definition of personality and consumer as a personality through a historical-philosophical and contemporary view Prof. Dr. Slavko Segić
Jelica Marić Termination of employment Prof. Dr. Mlađen Mandić
Siniša Jakovljević OLAP tools-MSSQL server 2005 analytical services Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Ljilja Kolesnik The influence of sports and recreational tourism on the development of the municipality of Teslić Asst. Dr. Velimir Vukajlović
Ozrenka Manojlović The role and importance of public relations Prof. Dr. Tihomir Gligorić
Dragan Suvajac-Saporac Religious tourism and sports and recreational activities within some Orthodox monasteries Asst. Dr. Velimir Vukajlović
Tamara Marić Minors as perpetrators and victims of criminal acts Asst. Dr. Mile Matijević
Amela Čikarić Mentor as a role model for newly admitted nurses (healthcare workers) Prof. Dr. Risto Kozomara
Tatjana Aščerić Motivation and modified behavior of healthcare workers Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Milić
Halid Mahmutbegovic Personal skills of healthcare workers and managers in conflict resolution Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Milić
Marko Zec Training technology of strength development in soccer players Prof. Dr. Vidosav Lolić
Sanja Dojčinović Communication at the university in the light of the Bologna Declaration Prof. Dr. Larisa Čović
Dejan Trifunović Web log Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Đuka Stjepić Acute poisoning in childhood Prof. Ph.D. sc. med. Dragan Joksović
Bahrija Hasić Childhood asthma Asst. Dr. Snežana Petrović-Tepić
Dragan Gajic Kinesitherapy in spine deformities Prof. Dr. Ešref Bećirević
Stanojka Mitrović Preparation of units (Hospital Departments) for health care control (Practice of health workers) Prof. Dr. Risto Kozomara
Jelenka Krstović Investigation - investigative procedure Prof. Dr. Božidar Banović
Katica Tomić Forensic content of material and personal evidence Asst. Dr. Mile Matijević
Radojka Stojak The Council of Europe and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights prof. Dr. Brano Miljus
Begzada Kadrić Contract of employment Prof. Dr. Mlađen Mandić
Jasminka Ferizbegović The modern aspect of the functioning of pension and disability insurance in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Prof. Dr. Milorad Beatović
Aida Sisic Legal remedies in criminal proceedings Prof. Dr. Božidar Banović
Živana Kljajić TQM- Total quality management and the role of employees in achieving total quality Prof. Dr. Željko Baroš
Siniša Kljajić University Web site presented through databases and multiple programming languages Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Hajrudin Sikira Theft in BiH legislation Prof. Dr. Božidar Banović
Zrinka Marić Sentencing Prof. Dr. Božidar Banović
Nedim Delic Information and communication technologies in education Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Hidajet Memic Detention as a measure to ensure the presence of the suspect or the accused for the successful conduct of criminal proceedings in Bosnia and Herzegovina Prof. Dr. Božidar Banović
Darija Antonić Potentially lost years of life as an indicator of the health status of the population in RS Prof. Dr. Mirjana Martinov Cvjetin
Mira Obradović Monitoring of drinking water in the city of Prijedor from the well water supply method Asst. Dr. Bogoljub Antonić
Siniša Nikoliić Possibilities of physiotherapy and balneotherapy for patients with lumbar pain syndrome treated in the Slatina spa Prof. Dr. Ešref Bećirević
Slavica Jokić Joint-stock company under BiH law prof. Dr. Nenad Avramović
Husein Ribic Polygraph and its application in the operational work of the police Assoc. Dr. Mile Matijević
Mustafa Aleta Human trafficking as a form of organized crime Assoc. Dr. Mile Matijević
Omer Rocevic Reform of the land registry law in Bosnia and Herzegovina prof. Dr. Duško Medić
Sehada Habesh The Council of Europe and the European Convention on Human Rights Prof. Dr. Brano Miljus
Emira Kabiljagic Parties and their representation in administrative proceedings Prof. Dr. Mlađen Mandić
Rade Milovac The role and importance of investment funds in the development of the RS financial market Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Velid Fazlić Expropriation in BiH law Prof. Dr. Duško Medić
Nina Uremović Key, critical - risk factors of business and strengthening of modern companies in different stages of their life (with the model of Pan-European University Apeiron) Prof. Dr. Zdenka Đurić
Safe Osmo Employment contract, concept and features Assoc. Dr. Mandić Mlađen
Fahra Berkovac Sources of labor law Assoc. Dr. Mandić Mlađen
Vesna Topalović Realization and protection of rights from the employment relationship.... Assoc. Dr. Mandić Mlađen
Duško Sekulić Measuring the quality of the economy based on partial expressions Assoc. Dr. Jugoslav Jovičić
Saša Preradović The central bank and its role in monetary policy Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Nezir Kalbić Rulebook on the systematization of workplaces with reference to the organization and functioning of the administrative bodies of the municipality of Novi Travnik prof. Dr. Mlađen Mandić
Strahinja Obradović Possibilities of integral management of medical waste in RS Prof. Dr. Veljko Đukić
Đurđica Trivunović Development project financing models with a special focus on investment profitability Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Vahid Ljuca Bosnia and Herzegovina on the way to the European Union Prof. Dr. Brano Miljus
Jelica Sušcevic Possession Prof. Dr. Duško Medić
Mirjana Tadic Management of the bank's liquidity and payment transactions Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Igor Medic Expropriation in law Prof. Dr. Enes Hasić
Zoran Telgetija Sanitary and hygienic condition of local waterworks in the area of ​​Šipovo municipality Asst. Dr. Bogoljub Antonić
Aleksandar Milanović Basic tools of technical analysis of securities prices Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Almin Halilović

Design and development of a geographic database in the field of real estate cadastre

Assoc. Ph.D. Mile Matijević
Amra Bibić Etiology and phenomenology of violent crime Prof. dr. sci. Milorad Bejatović
Bjelopoljak Sehija

Prevention of money laundering in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prof. dr. sci. Milorad Bejatović
Danica Janjic

Improvement of municipal waste management at the city landfill

Prof. Dr. Rade Biočanin
Dejan Tadic The effectiveness of the implementation of an integral system of quality and food safety management in Klanica ad Divca prof. Dr. Radoslav Grujić
Desimir D. Blagojević

Agile software development using the extreme programming method

prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Diana Djukic

Investment funds as institutional investors

Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Janković Dubravka

The role of the Central Bank in the financial market

Associate Professor Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Ljubomir Medić Safety at Work Prof. Dr. Mandić Madjen
Pilaf Mehrid

Maximizing performance and maintaining results using the Balanced Scorecard method

Asst. Ph.D. Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Milena Pilipović Projecting budgets in ministries Asst. Ph.D. Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Milorad Kojic Termination of employment Asst. Dr. Mlađen Mandić
Miloš Lukić Developing communication skills in sanitary supervision Associate Professor Bogoljub Antonić
Miodrag M. Milovanović Designing teaching materials in the distance learning system Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Mladenka Stevanović

Environmental engineering in regional waste management

Prof. Dr. Rade Biočanin
Natalija Đurić

International Monetary Fund

Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnovic - Gligorić
Nedeljko Klaric

Application of modern means of information technology in educational processes

Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Sanja Sušić The role of money in banking and economics Prof. dr. Milorad Bejatović
Sanja Kljajic

The political market as an element of political marketing

Prof. Dr. Tihomir Gligorić
Danijela Jovanović

Environmental waste water disposal project at the level of the urban environment

Prof. Dr. Rade Biočanin
Slavica Matović

The state of business banking in the Republic of Srpska in the process of transition

Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović - Gligorić
Vanja Sredojević

Financing of regional development from EU funds

Asst. PhD Vujnović Gligorić Bogdana
Vladan Rašić

Implementation of the certified "HACCP" system in the dairy industry

Prof. dr. Radoslav Grujić
Zdravka Šarenac

The importance of educating workers in food production and distribution companies regarding hygiene and food safety

Prof. Dr. Radoslav Grujić
Amra Ćatić  The relationship between the assembly and the board of creditors Prof. Dr. Vladimir Čolović
Alen Hodzic The attitude of the European Union to Ahtisaari's proposal for solving the crisis in Kosovo Prof. Dr. Vladimir Čolović
Aleksandar Boškić Electronic student index Prof. Dr. Zoran Ž. Avramović
Dragan Pejović Sources of labor law Prof. Dr. Mlađen Mandić
Ana Kovač Resocialization of convicted persons Mile Matijević, Ph.D     
Daliborka Gloić Health care in the rehabilitation of patients with locomotor apparatus injuries Asst. Dr. Sci. med. Tatjana Bućma
Elmedina Omanović Possession and its controversies Prof. Dr. Duško Medić
Dusan Lukic Microbiological analyzes of genital swabs Drago N. Nedić, Ph.D
Zvekic Elvira Phenomenology and forms of juvenile delinquency

Assoc. Ph.D. Mile Matijević

Indiana Pejic BIO - psychopathological characteristics of violent crime

Assoc. Ph.D. Mile Matijević

Ivan Andan The European Union - a new entity in equilibrium and the Treaty of Lisbon

Prof. Dr. Brano Miljus

Jelena Kahvić Kinematic analysis of jump shot Prof. Dr. Vidosav Lolić
Katica Tomić Forensic content of material and personal evidence Asst. Dr. Mile Matijević
Branka Kalabić Retinopathy of prematurity Prof. Dr. Risto Kozomara
Križevac Orhan Sexual offenses detection, clarification and proof

Prof. Dr. Mile Matijević          

Leposava Egerić Hygienic and health correctness of drinking water from the Trstenik city water supply Asst. Dr. Bogoljub Antonić                          
Sasa Shipka Computer network of the Gacko mine and thermal power plant

Prof. Dr. Dušan Starčević

Sanja Regoda Protection of the mortgage creditor in enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings

Prof. Dr. Duško Medić

Mikić Ognjenka Causes and characteristics of blood offenses Prof. Dr. Mile Matijević      
Sanja Bobrek Commercial crime Prof. Dr. Mile Matijević     
Milan Jeremic Victimological aspects of the perception of civilian victims of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina Prof. Dr. Mile Matijević
Oliver Jež Lien on immovable property Prof. Dr. Duško Medić
Siniša Lepir Deprivation of liberty - criminal and criminal procedural aspects

Prof. Dr. Mile Matijević

Darko Vucic Competitive advantages in marketing strategies and marketing plan for a new product (Bosnalijek) Asst. Dr. Slavko Segić
Jasmina Husidić Organization and implementation of the audit in accordance with IAS Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović-Gligorić
Desanka Talić City administration information system Prof. Dr. Lazo Roljić
Siniša Tomic Creating virtual studios Prof. Dr. Dušan Starčević
Jemal Musa Analysis of financial reports of the company "Frikos" doo Sarajevo Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović Gligorić
Jasmina Došlić Theory of the optimal currency area with reference to Bosnia and Herzegovina Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović Gligorić
Hristina Popovic Application of kinesiotaping technique in physiotherapy  
Radomir Zivkovic Internal control and audit

Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović Gligorić

Siniša Bajić Payment instruments with reference to the documentary letter of credit Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović Gligorić
Slavica Zarić Archiving documentation in economic and social organizations Prof. Ph.D. Zdenka Đurić
Slobodanka Trbojević Audit and control of financial reports in the state administration Asst. Dr. Bogdana Vujnović Gligorić
Suzana Mirosavic Southeastern European countries in the financial perspective of the European Union Asst. Dr. Radenka Grgić
Grozda Filipović Management of work processes in the company "Elker" Prijedor

Asst. Dr. Sanel Jakupović        

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