International students will have to organize accommodation on their own, i.e. look for private rental accommodation. Rents vary greatly according to location, room size, facility etc  Hostels are not as affordable as halls of residence/dormitories, however, for those international students who have not rented an apartment prior to their arrival in Banja Luka, staying at a hostel while looking for a room/flat/house to rent is highly recommended. The best way to do this is to search for different offers on the following web-portals
Hostels in Banja Luka

Private Rental Accommodation

Although more expensive, private accommodation is the most convenient yet affordable solution for the majority of students. 


It is important that during your mobility to Banja Luka (Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina) you have (and use during entrance/exit) valid passport. Passport will be important document for regulating residence permit. Check validity of your passport (it is important that your passport is valid, meaning that it will not expire during your stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bringing passport is a MUST for students (since you are staying here longer than 3 months for academic purposes, you will need to sort out your Residence permit 
Note: Citizens of the European Union Member States do not require visa for entrance to Bosnia and Herzegovina which of course applies to students – citizens of the EU Member States. They do not need to obtain student visa. However, in order to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina longer than three (3) months for academic/administrative purposes it is required to regulate your residence permit. Citizens of non-European countries need to check if they need student visa to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina with the embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in their home countries.


You can use public transport / buses. They operate all day and night. Tickets can be bought on board or at newsstands
More info and timetable at:



The Bosnian Convertible Marka is the currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Name: Bosnian Convertible Marka
Symbol: KM
Minor Unit: 1/100 = Fening
1 BAM = 0.511292 EUR
1 EUR = 1.95583 BAM

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