Conference 19 12 2020 Larisa Covic Aleksandar Šuklin Irina Stojičević and Zdenko Lazor

The international scientific conference on translation was organized on December 18 and 19 by the Translators' Union of Russia together with the National Society of Applied Linguistics of the Russian New University (RusNoU), the Institute of National Schools of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of the Privolzhsky Federal University, the Center for Scientific and educational education "Integrative translation of the pre-Arctic space" (SAFU Mihailo Lomonosov) and the Pan-European University "Apeiron".

The conference entitled "Languages ​​of indigenous peoples of Russia and other countries in the context of theory and practice of translation: research results, state and perspectives of development" was held online (Zoom platform).

The conference was planned precisely at the time of the actions that took place as part of the preparations of the UN to mark the tenth anniversary of indigenous languages.

"The goal of the conference is to focus the attention of scientists, teachers and public opinion on the opportunities that translation practice opens up in the development and preservation of indigenous languages ​​of Russia and other countries outside of Russia, increasing the conditions for their survival, increasing the interest of young people in the study and use of native languages ​​in professional, first of all the translation activity", said Larisa Čović, dean of one of the organizers of the conference - the Faculty of Philological Sciences of "Apeiron" University.

The conference was attended by well-known scientists: linguists, translators, historians, culturologists and psychologists, representing different regions of Russia, as well as other more or less distant countries.

The topics of the language of the people of Russia in the system of translation science, the literature of the people of Russia and other countries as a subject of translation activity, the languages ​​of the few peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East, and the translation activity of indigenous languages ​​in other countries were discussed.

In the section Translation activity in the use of indigenous languages ​​in other countries - new directions in the translation market, representatives of the Pan-European University presented 3 papers:

  1. Prof. Dr. Čović LI, and Master of Linguistics Lazar Zdenko: "Languages ​​of the people of Vojvodina, state and perspectives of development" (in the context of the theory and practice of translation);
  2. Master of Philological Sciences, translator Stojičević Irina: "Languages ​​of the people of Serbia in the context of the theory and practice of translation";
  3. Prof. PhD Šuklin Aleksandar: "Language policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the aspect of translation activity".

Moderator of the aforementioned section Polikarpov AM, representative of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University Mihaila Lomonosova, president of the Department of Translation and Applied Linguistics, director of the Center for Scientific and Educational "Integrative Translation of the Arctic Region", deputy director of the Ethnocultural Center, head of the SPR Council for the Translation of Indigenous Languages of the people of Russia emphasized the high scientific level of the participants' papers. He especially emphasized the participation of young Pan-European University scientists Zdenko Lazar and Irina Stojičević and expressed hope for further creative international cooperation. 

The total number of reported papers was 111, which once again confirms the importance and topicality of this conference.

December 21, 2020 - Public Relations Department

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